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sneak peaks of the treasures I handcarried back from HongKong!
hee! stay tune for more updates!

For those of you who can't wait, do click here to view my facebook album of hongkong treasures!

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Treasures I handcarried back from HongKong!

#1 Victorian princess

Love the pink centrepiece framed with gold hues and faux pearls
A really girly yet victorian piece
love this!

Treasure measures 2.1cmx1.9cm and comes with a velvet pouch

$10 Mailed

#2 Granny earrings
A granny inspired earring! Black centrepiece framed with gold hues and faux pearls
A simple piece to jazz up the vintage factor of your outfit

Treasure measures 2.1cmx1.9cm and comes with a velvet pouch

$10 Mailed

#3 Pink Marshmallow
A simple vintage baby pink ear studs

Treasure measures 2cmx1.5cm and comes with a velvet pouch

 $6 Mailed

#4 My bejeweled ladybird

Love how the shades of citrine, brown and black complement each other in stripes of shiny hues, stones and crystals.
Up the glam factor of your outfit by attaching this lovely bagcharm to your bag

love this!

Treasure measures 4cmx3.5cm and comes with a velvet pouch
$15 Mailed

Vintage bangles
doesnt it reminds you of everytime grecian and victorian?
$15 mailed each

#4- Grecian princess

A vintage gold bangle with engravings at the side, with a jewel as the centrepiece
$15 mailed

#5 Egyptian princess-SOLD

A unique gold bangle with bony like carvings and tiny diamontees encrusted at the side of the bangle
$15 Mailed

#6 Victorian Princess Bow
Sewn with faux pearls, deep red colour ribbon, with thick lace below, and diamontees at the side.
totally extravagant!

$10 Mailed

I named these sets of bangles after disney's princess characters as I can't think of a better way to name them! hehe (:

#7 La Belle au bois dormant

Sleeping beauty ( French:  La Belle au bois dormant) is a classic fairy tale involving a beautiful princess called Aurora, enchantment and a handsome prince.

- 4 gold bangles
-2 pink leather interwined and diamontee bangles
$12 mailed

#8 Hua Mulan

Named after a brave girl who took over her father's duties to serve the country due to his old age

-2 faux pearls bangles
- 4 gold bangles
-1 faux leather woven bangle

$12 mailed

#9 Snow white

Waiting for the prince charming's true love kiss to awaken her from the deep sleep
- 4 gold bangles
-2 white leather interwined and diamontee bangles

$12 mailed


#10 Unlock my heart leather woven bracelets in shades of champagn, baby pink and hot pink
Length is adjustible and can be worn as bracelet or used as bagcharm

$10 mailed each

*Unlock my heart leather woven bracelet not for sale (: Its for my friend!

Unlocking the heart with a cute little golden key


Length of bracelet can be adjusted by hooking on the lock to the desired length of the chain

Used as bagcharm!

Worn as bracelet-Back of the lock

Worn as bracelet-Front of the lock

Violet, the bejeweled frog

Encrusted with violet and cobalt crystals

Look! A lovely tiny timepiece hidden below!

#11 Violet, the bejeweled frog
Violet, the jewel encrusted frog, with violet and cobalt crystals! Keep the ruby one for myself. hehe
Love the cute little timepiece it protects
Ring is elastic. YAY!
Treasure comes in violet pouch
$20 Mailed

 #12 I love America!

America flag bejewelled crystals at your fingers now! 

Ring is adjustible. YAYY!
Treasures comes in velvet pouch

$10 Mailed

 #14 Vintage spects!
-Gramps Spects #1
-Granny Spects #1
-Gramps Spects #2
-Granny Spects #2

Quirky spects I found at a little vintage shop in Hongkong!
The sides have the words ray-ban imprinted on them. but, authenticity is not guaranteed! Was thinking that they might be just geniune vintage ray-ban frames that were passed down from old spectacle shops since the tags by the side of the spects have been removed (Spot the tiny holes-think they used to be the ray-ban tag). If they are fake ray-bans, the tags dont even have to be removed right? Just a little conjecture of mine!
$12 each mailed

 Comment here with your email address or drop me an email at bird.nest.fern@hotmail.com if you are interested!

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 Hello sweets!

I know I have been neglected this blog since work started for me from september last year! sorry!
I bumped into Jiaying, one of my customers last week, and she recognised me! she told me how much she missed my accessories! and that made me really guilty =S

Peak season has been over for me for now, so I will have more time to come up with designs (:

Here's one to start off with!

Believing in wishes

16 SGD (mailing listees)/20 SGD (non mailing listees)

Little diamonds seem to sparkle off the clear blue waters behind my little house by the beach. The sun has just set, and I strolled past the soft brown sand, attracted to the sparkles, like a little bird drawn to shiny trinkets. I reached out for the sparkles in the water, and touched  a star crystal, so shiny and beauty, it wouldn't stop shining under the sun.

Wired with non tarnish gold wires, with star swarovski crystal, "believe" gold word plate, violet and ivory swarovski crystals and 65cm gold plated charm

Comment here with your email address or drop me an email at bird.nest.fern@hotmail.com if you are interested!
Do add $0.50 for normal postage for purchases less than 20 SGD

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 Hello sweets! Hope your chinese new year has been awesomee!
Here are 4 trinkets that I created! Hope you like them!
Do drop by my etsy shop for more details on the designs (:
20% for those on my mailing list!

Wish upon a leaf
16 SGD (mailing listees)/20 SGD (non mailing listees)
A melodious music filled the night sky,under the starring stars. A ballerina was dancing elegantly to the music, under the soft moonlight, amongst petals of pink and green

Snow Princess
16 SGD (mailing listees)/20 SGD (non mailing listees)
Snowflakes fall from the cold sky, covering the flowers with a layer of cold white substance. Only one magnificent flower bloomed amidst the cold weather, the snow princess.

Red petals
8 SGD (mailing listees)/10 SGD (non mailing listees)
The flower fragrance filled the house of the little cottage. As I stepped into the little straw cottage, I spotted a beautiful rose sitting daintily in the glass vase, its colour, mesmerizing those that look at it.

Forest pixie
14.40 SGD (mailing listees)/18 SGD (non mailing listees)
I spotted a little girl from my little hut.
and as i peered out of my window, i saw a little pixie, dressed in her gold lacy frock, dancing amongst the green leaves and pink flowers

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 Finally! a break away from work, and some updates now up at etsy!
click the photos for the direct link!

and did i mention? prices for items have been reduced!
do check them out

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 Hello sweets!

Sorry for the slow updates as I've started work and really have no time to make new creations!
But if you have any customisations you would like for the upcoming christmas for any special occassions, feel free to email me. I'll try to cook up a suitable design for you (:


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More updates at Etsy.
Really really backdated.Made these precious a few weeks ago, but only had time to upload now! hehe

Little Casey was dressed in her favourite blue ruffles dress.She stood in the garden with a cute adorable pink bow on her head, bending over to pluck the pretty red roses

Flowers sprung up in the garden during Spring.
With pearls and rose beads at the side of the chain, Little Casey is surrounded by glass roses, with a lavender swarovski heart crystal dangling beneath.

Little Casey
22USD/24.64SGD (mailing listees)/30.80SGD (non mailing listees)

Doe- a deer, a female deer
Ray- a drop of golden sun
Me- a name i call myself
Far- a long long way to run
Sew- a needle pulling thread
La- a note to follow so
Tea- a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to do oh oh oh

Doe-a-dear 2
Similar to Doe-a-deer.
Its more costly as more expensive materials are used for this ring
18 USD/20.16SGD (mailing listees)/25.20SGD (non mailing listees)

I heard tiny foot steps amongst the red autumn leaves that form heaps upon the forest ground. I looked up and saw 2 gold deers with diamontee necklaces prancing about.

Prancing in a land of turquoise
11 USD/12.32 SGD (mailing listees)/15.40SGD (non mailing listees)

A simple victorian ring, with victorian lady cabochan glued onto a gold filigree adjustible ring

7 USD/7.84 SGD (mailing listees)/9.80SGD (non mailing listees)

Comment here with the link of the item ( from etsy) you want, with your email address or drop me an email at bird.nest.fern@hotmail.com regarding your purchase!